9PM- 11PM

Producers Club -358 West 44 th, NYC



(US, 82 Minutes)

Starring Shane Mauss

Directed by Brian Bellinkoff

Produced by Matt Schuler

Description: Comedian Shane Mauss goes on a series of adventures to deepen his understanding of psychedelics. He describes the indescribable and takes us through some of his most intense experiences, while getting the added perspectives of some of the top scientists and experts in this realm. With moments of both confusion and clarity, this is an honest account of the experiences of a genuine Psychonaut.

Shane Mauss & Matt Schuler to follow the screening with a Q&A session.

Shane Mauss has appeared on Comedy Central's ‘This Is Not Happening’, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, as well as five times on ‘Conan’. He has done a Comedy Central half hour special and a Netflix hour special, ‘Shane Mauss: Mating Season’. He also hosts a popular science podcast, ‘Here We Are’, which has a five star rating on iTunes. Shane recently wrapped up a 111 city comedy tour, ‘A Good Trip’, which is a culmination of his 20 years of psychedelic experience and his 12 years of stand-up experience.

Matt Schuler has produced several critically acclaimed comedy specials including Showtime's 'SXSW Comedy’ and Netflix's 'Michael Che Matters'. 'Psychonautics' is Matt's first foray into documentaries, but he has always been a big fan of the genre, and he has a passion for the subject matter.